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IT'S HERE!! Introducing the TRI-BOOTH, a mobile recording booth for clean tracks anywhere you travel, or at home or the office. Click on the TRI-BOOTH link on the menu bar to learn more!
Rick Wasserman voice of AMC Network

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You can learn every aspect of VO from commercials,
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We offer 1-on-1 coaching, workshops, and workouts both
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We have solved the golden handcuff problem. Now any of us can confidently break free from our home studios and travel, anywhere, and still record pristine audio. We're proud and excited to introduce our portable, adjustable and fully-enclosed recording solution, the TRI-BOOTH. It is now officially patent pending and ready for the public.

When assembled (which takes less than 10 minutes!) the TRI-BOOTH stands at 6’5”,
has a 3’ triangular footprint and packs down into its own FAA-compliant hardshell luggage; plus, it’s not so heavy that you’ll incur extra fees at the airport check-in.

While we designed the TRI-BOOTH for the professional voiceover actor looking to travel, we also realize the potential it holds for those just getting in the game: for a quarter of the price of an isolation booth, they could have our booth in their home and stop recording in pillow forts and closets.

We are interested in your feedback, a thumbs-up, and helping us spread the word.
Also, let us know if you’re interested in becoming investors to help grow production
and reach retail outlets.

Click on TRI-BOOTH on the menu bar for a deeper dive.

Thanks for your time and support. We hope you’ll give it a “tri”.

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